Independent Heritage Tours: Explore Your Family History Your Way

If you want to explore your ancestral hometown and discover your family history on your own timetable, our independent heritage tours are perfect for you.

When you book an independent genealogy tour, we take into consideration how you like to travel and where you’d like to go. If you don’t know your ancestral hometown, we’ll do our best to research it for you or put you in touch with contacts who can help you discover it—or come as close as possible.

Taking an independent heritage tour means everything is arranged for you, including appointments with research contacts, town halls, and family members, and you’ll have the flexibility to go where you wish, when you wish.

With a Family Tree Tours independent genealogy tour, you’ll receive . . .

• Car, hotel, and train reservations within your ancestral country.
• Suggestions for guided walking tours, cultural attractions, restaurants, and sightseeing trips.
• A custom itinerary, including appointments with hometown officials and at archives.
• Genealogical research contacts before and during your heritage trip, with assistance as necessary.

We’ll set everything up for you to have the freedom to go wherever your family tree research takes you.

Call us at 888-798-2208, or contact us today to start planning your independent genealogy tour.