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Here are some testimonials of our tour members from all over the USA. Please open the slideshow fullscreen to read them.

A Genealogist’s Dream Trip

Read what Connie J., Oconto Falls, Wisconsin said about here trip.

Hi Kathy! Before we even left, our genealogy group had asked if Jake and I would give a presentation on our trip to Germany. It was last night and it was so much fun! We had the most attendees of all time. … Like I said, the article was geared more to the genealogy aspect and the presentation last night was geared more toward Germany and genealogy. And all because of you‚Ķ

Here is the complete article:¬†A Genealogist‚Äôs Dream Trip –¬†I think I have calmed down enough now to write…

I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful trip you put together for all of us. It was emotional seeing the places where those I have researched for over fifteen years had walked, worked and lived. It was informative learning the history of these villages along with so many interesting stories. I found the homes and streets in the villages to be so quaint, each having their own personality. The castles and churches were overwhelming and full of history. And to compliment this, you found cousins, historians or tour guides to show us our village and who took us into their homes for meals and conversation. They were knowledgeable, offered new information for our particular family, spoke English and spent hours walking around the villages with us.

SO…… I just want to say to you “a job VERY well done” and I appreciate all of the time, effort and interest you both put into this amazing, exciting, rewarding and unbelievable trip. It went beyond anything I had expected.

– Carolyn S., St. Louis

Cousins everywhere

If you are looking for a travel agency to help you with a trip in Germany in search of your ancestors, I strongly recommend Family Tree Tours. In 2008 we went in September on one of their tours. In preparation for the trip you complete this form giving what you know about your ancestor, and they work wonders. They found my cousin in Munnerstadt, and my cousin gathered about 15 other cousins together for a day of getting reacquainted after 125 years. We even had our picture taken with the Bergermeister published in the local paper.

After more research on my part, we decided to go again in spring of 2009. This time was even more amazing!! We went to four of our ancestor’s hometowns before joining the Family Tree Tour. In each town a representative from that town who spoke English met us. Twice it was the Bergermeister himself who gave us a tour of each town and treated us to lunch! We met with my Munnerstadt cousins again, and then joined the group. Using two of our free days while with the group we met with my wife Jeanne’s third cousins in Osterwick, and Legden. Again Family Tree Tours found our cousins and a local representative arranged a meeting with five of Jeanne’s cousins, and we spent two days with them.

We are going again this year, and I hope to meet cousins in Morsbach, where no contact has been made for 140 years. And I know if cousins cannot be found someone will escort us around the town.

– Jim Y., Fenton