Family Tree Tours: Travel through Your Past

Your family history research isn’t complete until you’ve visited your ancestral hometown and explored the place your family lived before they made their emigration journey.

Just imagine the thrill of visiting the home or church your ancestors attended or spending the afternoon visiting with relatives. Think of the memories you’ll create strolling through your ancestral hometown and window shopping or spending the day with townspeople at a local festival.

Family Tree Tours provides ancestry trips like no other—the chance to connect to your roots while immersing yourself in your ancestral culture and learning about local customs and traditions.

We offer a variety of heritage tours to help you get the most from your family tree research:

Group Guided Heritage Tours

Join other genealogy enthusiasts on our preplanned, intimate group tours. With groups no larger than 16 people, we home base in a centrally located small town and take day trips out by train. Rest assured, you won’t have to pack and unpack, and you won’t be staying at chain hotels. When you join us for one of our group ancestry tours, you’ll tour a region and immerse yourself in the culture. We offer group activities to enhance your knowledge of your ancestors’ lives as well as free days to visit your hometown.

Private Guided Heritage Tours

For travelers who like to explore with the assistance of a guide, Family Tree Tours not only custom designs your cultural heritage trip but also provides an escort who is as excited about finding your family as you are. Should you choose to, you could join one of our preplanned group tours and still take a private tour to your hometown.

Independent Heritage Tours

Discover your ancestral hometown, and uncover your family history on your own timetable. Taking an independent heritage tour means everything is arranged for you, including appointments with research contacts, town halls, and family members, and you’ll have the flexibility to go where you wish, when you wish.

Research Resources

We provide a variety of research resources to help you learn more about your family history. Whether helping you find your ancestral hometown, connecting you with European Heritage professionals who can help you learn more, or suggesting books for further learning, we are able to provide as much or as little research as you need.

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