About Family Tree Tours

Family Tree Tours provides vacations like no other. Whether you choose a group heritage tour, private genealogy tour, or independent heritage trip, we provide you the opportunity to learn more about your family roots, to connect with family, and to learn about your ancestors before they made their emigration journey.

With a passion for both genealogy research and travel, owner Kathy Wurth work closely with you to ensure your ancestry trip is a success.

While Family Tree Tours specializes in heritage tours to German-speaking countries, they are able to design and assist in trips to other European nations. From planning and coordinating heritage trips to European ancestral hometowns, to assisting with research and connecting you with local contacts, Kathy  are dedicated to helping you find your roots.

Call us at 888-798-2208, or contact us today to plan your next genealogy tour.

About Kathy Wurth

pic_kathyKathy Wurth founded Family Tree Tours as a result of her love for travel and her 25 years of experience with genealogy research.

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Favorite place: Probably Switzerland. The mountains, the crystal clear Alpine lakes and Swiss chalets, and, of course, the chocolate! My idea of heaven.

Favorite pastime: Reading, researching, and travel! I love exploring the back streets in small medieval villages, be it in Germany, Switzerland, or Italy, and then relaxing the afternoon away at an outside café, enjoying the local wine and people watching.

What I love most about what I do: I love the hunt, the challenge of finding ancestors. I had the experience of visiting some of my ancestral hometowns years ago, and I felt that emotional connection of finally putting a face to all the names and seeing the landscapes my ancestors saw. After I got back, I knew I wanted to share this profound connection with others, and I really enjoy helping people have that same feeling.