You’ve done the research and pored over the historical records. You have found your ancestral hometown.  You know your ancestors on paper. Now it’s time to connect these names from your past with your present and future.

A personally guided ancestry trip makes it possible to step back in time to your ancestral hometown—to your roots. Now is your chance to journey to your ancestral hometown alone or with friends, family, or your genealogical society to share the joy of finally putting a face to the names and places you’ve learned so much about.

Family Tree Tours not only custom designs your cultural heritage trip but also provides:

  • Personally escort you to your hometown(s)
  • Provide an English-speaking guide who also acts as your translator.
  • Drive you in a minivan or small coach to the sites you direct.
  • Make hotel and train reservations within your ancestral country.
  • Locate and provide all the genealogical research contacts and appointments you need to fully research your family history.
  • Design a personalized itinerary to your desires, including excursions, sites of personal interest, and local cultural attractions.


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