Family Tree Tours can carry out ancestral research, identify places of origins or whereabouts of emigrants, and add information to your family history. We will consult with you on your project and let you know what we think we can possibly find and give you a proposal on our fees. You then can decide if you wish to pursue the project. We also can take pictures of your Ancestral hometown. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.




Book Heuerleute

How They Came – By Anita Mallinckrodt

Interesting read on what the journey was like for German emigrants in the 19th century.Description of overland travel to port city, voyages on sailing ships and what they did when they reached America.Paperback, illustrated, 44p $9.95 plus $ 2.50 shipping

Why They Left – By Anita Mallinckrodt

Germans emigrated by the thousands in the mid-19th century. Why? This book gives insight into the political, economic and personal reasons as to why they left.Paperback, illustrated, 26p $9.95 plus $ 2.50 shipping

Von Heuerleuten und Farmern
Emigration from the Osnabrück region to North America in the 19th century. This is a book about people( Daylaborers and Farmers) and a look at why they felt it necessary to uproot from their homeland and lay down new roots in an unfamiliar New World. Hardbound, English/German 120p $19.99 plus $ 3.50 shipping