Water Castles in Munsterland

On my recent post I talked about visiting a landlord’s house in Northwest Westphalia. It made me wonder who did the landlord answer to? He was the collector but was there someone over him. In some cases the landlord of a large farm was the collector for the noble family or church “owner” of the […]

WDYTYA & Hessian Soldiers

Did you watch last week’s WDYTYA and follow Rob Lowe’s journey of finding his ancestor that had been a Hessian soldier that fought in the American Revolutionary War?  Do you have or think you may have a “Hessian soldier” in your background?   Then here is a site from the Archives in Marburg, Hesse, Germany that […]

You Must Go Home Again

When you are researching your German ancestors don’t forget to mine all the resources from the towns they lived in.  Perhaps before they settled someplace permanently they lived in several states and there were major life events that happened in that town.  Marriages, births, deaths or maybe just a mention in the local paper, these […]

U.S. Naturalization Process

I’ve been cleaning my office (ugh) but I am finding a bunch of helpful things. This post is one of them. One step that might be helpful to finding your ancestor’s hometown is to check to see if they were naturalized.  This was an article I found on the Baden-Wuerttemberg mail list.  Hope it helps! […]

A Genealogist’s Dream Trip

I would to thank another of our  tour members for a guest post on her experience on our recent Rhineland tour. Thanks Connie I think I have calmed down enough now to write… I first got hooked on genealogy by finding my parents and grandparents on the census records at the Brown County Library. Then […]

Genealogy Tours

I would like to post a story from a “guest blogger” this time.  A gentleman who was on our Rhineland trip this past September. He has written several articles for his genealogy society,  Fox Valley Genealogy Society of Illinois and I am posting one of them today. Genealogy Tours Gene Atkin Thinking about your immigrant […]