No Family Story Is Complete without the Journey

Family Tree Tours provides a unique travel experience for those who are eager to know more about their family history and ancestral origins. Envision the fullness in your heart as you share photos with family you never knew existed or walk the cobblestoned streets through your ancestors’ village to the church where your great-great-grandfather was married. Enjoy visiting with local townsfolk in a beer garden, taking historical tours, and viewing lectures that enhance your knowledge of your ancestors’ lives.

Whether you choose a privately escorted, group, or independent tour, our heritage trips provide you the opportunity to experience the culture of your heritage and create memories for future generations.

Our genealogy tours include . . .

Northwest Germany Tour 2014

Spend 10 days visiting towns around Osnabrück, touring castles,
discovering the Detmold living history museum, and exploring the
Bremerhaven Emigrant Museum. 

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Southwest Germany Tour 2014

Join us for an enchanting journey through the Black Forest region
of Germany with an opportunity to explore Baden, western Wuerttemberg
and northern Switzerland for an 11 day/10 night tour.
This will be a trip you will never forget. 

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Hessen Picture

Hessen, Germany Tour 2014

From our home base town you can visit hometowns in Hessen, northern
Baden-Wuerttemberg, northwest Bavaria and eastern Palatinate.  Truly a
central location to get you to your ancestral hometown.

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European River Cruises

Explore the breathtaking beauty of Germany’s rivers and visit
ancestral hometowns

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Irish Heritage Tour 2014

Join us for an enchanting tour through Ireland’s lush, green countryside
as we travel throughout the country learning about our ancestor’s life. We
travel from Dublin south, west and north to give you an opportunity to see
your ancestral homeland. 

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