Farmhouses, Yellow Fields and Spargel – Germany 2012

Posted by: Carolyn Huttegger Bening

What a delightful glimpse into Schloss Hünnefeld near Bad Essen. Wonder if German surname Hünnemann relates to Hünnefeld? According to Barlow’s Dict of German Names, surname derives from the Hunne near Essen, indicating “swamp water” similar to creek names Funne, Gunne, Munne. (love this alliteration) and the place name Hunnebrock near Herford. Do any of these place names ring a bell, Cathy? Especially love the yellow counting-house cafe–and story of farmers walking the paths! You make the settings come alive! I can taste the wonderfully delicious white asparagus from our spring Northwestern German trips with you. Why am I here in Missouri in May and not with you in my favorite country?

Posted by: kwurth

Hi Carolyn: I will have to ask Matthias about the place names, he might recognize them. It was a fun day and I love to get to see the history that we are learning about how our ancestors lived. Matthias said this place was where his ancestors had to pay taxes. So I could really picture someone walking down the lane to pay. Can’t wait for us to travel together again!


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